At the operations of washing and degreasing metal surfaces before painting, galvanic treatment, before repair and inspection of units and assemblies. In automatic washing machines, while the use of the «АРС-20» agent significantly increases the service life of the washed surfaces, since it does not have any aggressive effect on them (requirements as when working with water). For degreasing and passivating before painting bulk surfaces and large parts. Instead of flammable liquids, the use of a high-pressure machine with a heating circuit (type KARCHER), where the environmentally friendly composition «АРС-20» is used as a reagent. During surface treatment, not only cleaning and degreasing, but also passivation takes place, which provides protection against corrosion. «АРС-20» softens water and reduces the concentration of salts,which makes it possible to use it in the production of overhaul of electric motors and equipment according to the regulations (washing the parts of the electric motor, rotor and stator with subsequent drying), while the insulation of the winding wire is not disturbed.